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Forged by Secrets (Deadly Isles Special Ops, book 3)
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Malina Johansson is an analyst for the Navy SEALs and working with her high school crush, Tyler. He’s tempting as hell, but not relationship material. One night of drinking in Vegas is all it takes for her guard to drop, and to fall into his arms. 

Back home and with her walls firmly in place to protect her heart, she avoids office encounters with Tyler. That is until she’s accused of treason. Now on the run, she turns to Tyler, the very man she knows can keep her safe, but that she’s swore never to trust again.

On the heels of a rescue and recovery mission, Navy SEAL Tyler Hale returns to Pearl Harbor only to learn that the woman he’s never been able to get out of his system is in trouble. With Malina accused of a crime and missing, he’ll do whatever it takes to clear her name and keep her by his side. But no one is innocent, and if he wants a chance at a future with the woman of his dreams, it’s time to lay everything on the table.In a world where secrets are the currency, Ty drops a bomb from their night in Vegas, but Malina has one, too. With the truth revealed, the stakes change, and he’ll stop at nothing to save her.

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Bound by Secrets – FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Bound by Secrets (Deadly Isles Special Ops, book 2)
is LIVE & FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

On the run from an abusive relationship, book reviewer Kayla Kane needs a place to lay low, but she won’t risk her parents’ lives. Especially when a visit to her Honolulu childhood home resurfaces memories of her deceased teenage brother, reinforcing all they’ve already lost. To keep her family safe, she finds the perfect place to hide… with her brother’s best friend—the man she’s crushed on forever.

Former Navy SEAL Jaxon Hale has never found a woman who could compare to Kayla and the single night they shared the summer after graduation. When she reenters his life a decade later, he vows to do whatever it takes to make a relationship with her a reality. This time, the promise once made to his best friend won’t stand in his way.

Kayla and Jaxon soon realize that sharing a living space doesn’t come without complications. The past shadows their every turn, and tensions escalate as they dive headfirst into painful memories for a chance at a future. Despite the safety of Jaxon’s home, her troubles aren’t over. With the stalker ex-boyfriend looming and an unknown threat closing in, bringing more secrets to light, Jaxon risks losing Kayla forever.

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Twisted Secrets is live! Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

After her messy break-up, the last thing grad student Riley Evans expects is to meet someone new. Throw in a family history of bad relationships, the likelihood of the past repeating itself seems inevitable—especially after her ex turns stalker. She’s a magnet for disaster. But when a man walks into the Coffee Hut and asks her on a date, she isn’t prepared for the flare of desire. The pull of attraction is impossible to deny, and she gives love a second chance.

Navy SEAL Xander Hale lands in a Hawaii military hospital after a mission gone wrong. If that wasn’t bad enough, his girlfriend breaks up with him. Plagued by his current single status and suspicions over the mission’s bad intel, doubts fester about the direction of his life. Until he stops for coffee and encounters a barista that steals his breath and shifts his priorities from a presumed military career path to civilian. 

When danger closes in after a suspicious home invasion, Xander whisks Riley to the safety of his family’s island. On secluded shores, he’s determined to keep her safe. But dark memories are triggered by her past and followed by a hidden threat that neither anticipated. 

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Broken Circle is on SALE!

Broken Circle is FREE for five days: January 3rd – 7th!

Life with Alex is simple and secure–everything she’s ever wanted. Or so she thought…

Upper East Side artist, Olivia Wrightwood is ready for a change. Marrying Alex Mudarra, a dedicated and up-and-coming NYPD detective, is exactly what she needs to escape the clutches and scrutiny of her family’s political dynasty.

When Alex’s career plans shift from police work to politics, their idyllic life shifts back to the familiar corruption she ran away from. And after she overhears a late night call, her safety shatters and doubt sets in. Can a surprise trip make amends or will this second honeymoon lead to a dangerous life of manipulation and lies?


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Moonlit Whisper FREE in KU

When Fiona’s dad asked her to tutor one of his footballers—a fourth year transfer student—she agreed. What she hadn’t expected was to come face-to-face with a ghost from her past—the boy who used to climb through her bedroom window. The one who left. 

Connor moved across the pond years ago to support his mom. He hadn’t wanted to leave, not really. Now, it’s his turn and he’s back in Dublin, on the football team, and ready to make Fiona his. There’s competition both on and off the field with his former best friend, who has a piece of Fiona’s heart. Not a night goes by that he doesn’t need her in his arms. This time, he’s not going anywhere, and he won’t give up without a fight.  

Moonlit Whisper is a novelette that can be read as a standalone, complete with an HEA. Previously published in With Love From Venice (Voyages of the Heart anthology).

Fake Fiancé is LIVE!

Fake Fiancé (A Second Chance Office Romance) is LIVE across all platforms.

Adeline Rossi doesn’t need a psychic to tell her that destiny lies far from home. With a dream job lined up, she crosses the Atlantic to Italy with career aiming aspirations. When she arrives in the city of love, it’s anything but. Her ridiculously hot boss is grumpy, and the head of the design team is a monumental problem.

Plagued by unsettling dreams, business tycoon Stone Crenshaw can’t wait for the renovations in his historic hotel to end. If that wasn’t bad enough, he wrestles with an instant attraction to his accident-prone new hire. But when a family-oriented hotelier decides to sell, Stone manipulates the situation and adds fake fiancé to Adeline’s list of managerial responsibilities. 

Not everyone welcomes the happy news of the loving couple’s engagement. When obstacles threaten to tear them apart, will Stone cross a professional line or lose Adeline for good?

Previously published in Sinful Secrets: A Contemporary Romance Box Set.

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Marked for Death is LIVE!

Book 6

Marked for Death (Gray Ghost Novel, book 6) by Amy McKinley—a romantic suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end.

Safety is an illusion. 

Former Navy SEAL Keegan Hunt has spent fifteen years avoiding Venezuela. When his team is hired to rescue four Americans, he risks blowing his cover by returning to Caracas. If that wasn’t bad enough, the very woman haunting his dreams since he’d left the cursed country ambushes their mission. 

When Kara Medina infiltrates an express kidnapping to recover insect-sized robots, she encounters a special ops team with a similar objective. As she engages in combat with one of the soldiers, she’s shocked to realize he’s the same boy who kept her safe at night in a dangerous camp. When the job goes haywire, she realizes her attraction to him hasn’t diminished over the years. Instead, it’s amplified to a whole new level of complicated. But she can’t let her feelings for him stand in her way of completing the mission.

With new intelligence discovered, Keegan and his team’s priorities shift. To succeed, he turns to Kara for aid. As the stakes escalate with a threat to US politicians, their goals converge, but Keegan refuses to leave without Kara, even if it means trading his life for hers.


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