Blood Oath is FREE for a limited time!

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Amy McKinley, comes a forbidden love mafia romance series.

A killer without conscience.
An obsession I can’t control.

I made an unbreakable vow to protect Sofia,
But that was before the darkness consumed me.
Now I’m a ruthless monster,
A predator who eliminates his enemies.

She’s mine,
No matter how hard she resists,
I’ll give her everything she’s ever dreamed about,
And I’ll destroy anyone who tries to defy me.

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Rivals is LIVE!

They call me the quiet brother—but I’m just as brutal, dark, and broken.

No woman has ever breached the walls of my heart, and I’m content with who I am. Until Mia Tucci seeks me out.

The New York Mafia princess is an enemy, a fantasy with midnight hair, violet eyes, and a body that promises hours of sin—and she needs my help. But helping her will cost me.

When she barters information that could take down her family’s operation, I’m too intrigued to turn her away. And as we get to know one another, my defenses fracture, tempting me to give her my trust.

But no one in the Mafia is innocent.

My only hope is that intertwining our futures to protect her from her family will not be at the price of mine.

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