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They call me the quiet brother—but I’m just as brutal, dark, and broken.

No woman has ever breached the walls of my heart, and I’m content with who I am. Until Mia Tucci seeks me out.

The New York Mafia princess is an enemy, a fantasy with midnight hair, violet eyes, and a body that promises hours of sin—and she needs my help. But helping her will cost me.

When she barters information that could take down her family’s operation, I’m too intrigued to turn her away. And as we get to know one another, my defenses fracture, tempting me to give her my trust.

But no one in the Mafia is innocent.

My only hope is that intertwining our futures to protect her from her family will not be at the price of mine.

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The first three suspenseful romance books in the Mafia Elite series are full of strong men and women who navigate arranged marriages, forbidden relationships, and second chances that will keep you guessing until the very end.

No Way Out: Max’s endgame is clear—take back what’s rightfully his and punish those who have wronged him. But when Max infiltrates a vital arm of the Chicago Mafia and encounters Liliana, everything changes.

A pawn in her father’s bid for power, Liliana’s only escape is in his choice of husband. She thinks Max is her enemy. The truth is, he’s her savior.

Blood Oath: Heir to a throne, Chicago Mafia underboss Enzo Vitale will do anything to keep Sofia safe, but his presence in her life puts a target on her back. Up-and-coming fashion designer Sofia La Rosa fell in love with her best friend years ago. She’ll sacrifice anything for Enzo, even as a wall of secrets steadily builds between them.

But secrets don’t stay hidden forever. When the enemy learns of Sofia’s involvement in a former cover-up, they’re out for blood, driving her to the very man who vowed to be her savior no matter the cost.

Born in Darkness: Destined to be king, Mafia underboss Stefano Rossi bides his time until the throne is his and he can claim the only woman he wants by his side. To show interest in her will place a deadly target on her back, especially while his ruthless father lives. But he has a plan to change everything, and when they learn there’s a rat in the Chicago outfit, it’s time to act.

Emiliana Vitale’s enemies are his, and when her life is threatened, Stefano takes matters into his own hands to ensure her safety. As they grow closer, so do their enemies. But he’s ready for them. Nothing will keep him from Emiliana, and he’ll slay anyone who threatens what’s his.

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Savage Secrets is LIVE!

Savage Secrets (Mafia Elite, book 4)

Chicago Mafia boss Marco La Rosa thought the only woman he’d ever loved had died years ago. But when her brother approaches him with an arranged marriage contract, he learns that she is very much alive and in danger. Bringing her back within the fold of the Five Families is a second chance he can’t pass up. The only problem is, he has to get to her before their enemies do.

On-the-run Mafia princess Elena Caruso cut all family ties to survive. She knows that the Bratva is on her tail and that someday they’ll find her. When she receives word that her cover’s blown, she attempts to flee. But it isn’t the Russians who get to her first. It’s the boy she’s been in love with for years, who’s now a dangerous and devastatingly handsome man—and she’s running from him too. 

As threats quickly close in, her only chance for survival is into the arms of the Mafia boss who once held her heart.

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An action-packed mafia romance about secrets, arranged marriage, and redemption by USA Today bestselling author Amy McKinley.

The Mafia Elite series is soon to release on August 30thwith book one, No Way Out.

I’ve come to destroy a vital arm of the Cosa Nostra, to reclaim what’s rightfully mine. I share their bloodline. They just don’t know it yet. In time, they will. 

My goals were clear: punish those who have wronged me while protecting Liliana Brambilla, my mentor’s granddaughter. Then everything changed when we came face-to-face, and I knew I would never walk away. She thinks I’m her enemy. The truth is, I’m her savior.