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Savage Secrets by Amy McKinley

Savage Secrets

by Amy McKinley

Giveaway ends January 24, 2022.

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Chicago Mafia boss Marco La Rosa thought the only woman he’d ever loved had died years ago. But when her brother approaches him with an arranged marriage contract, he learns that she is very much alive and in danger. Bringing her back within the fold of the Five Families is a second chance he can’t pass up. The only problem is, he has to get to her before their enemies do.

On-the-run Mafia princess Elena Caruso cut all family ties to survive. She knows that the Bratva is on her tail and that someday they’ll find her. When she receives word that her cover’s blown, she attempts to flee. But it isn’t the Russians who get to her first. It’s the boy she’s been in love with for years, who’s now a dangerous and devastatingly handsome man—and she’s running from him too. 

As threats quickly close in, her only chance for survival is into the arms of the Mafia boss who once held her heart.

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Blood Oath (Mafia Elite, book 2) is now available for preorder!

Tragedy brought them together, and tragedy tore them apart. 

Heir to a throne, Mafia underboss Enzo Vitale will do anything to keep Sofia safe, but his presence puts a target on her back. No matter how hard he tries to stay away from the love of his life, the blood oath that binds them demands otherwise. 

Up-and-coming fashion designer Sofia La Rosa fell in love with her best friend. She’ll sacrifice anything for him, even as a wall of secrets grows between them.

But secrets don’t stay hidden forever. When the enemy learns of Sofia’s involvement in a former cover-up, they’re out for blood, driving her to the very man who vowed to be her savior no matter the cost.

Blood Oath will be available early on Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Kobo. On October 26th, It will only listed on Amazon for purchase or to read free with Kindle Unlimited.