The romantic suspense Mafia Elite series is filled with intriguing twists and best read in order.

Mafia Elite Series

book 1

An arranged marriage Mafia romance about secrets, arranged marriage, and redemption by USA Today bestselling author Amy McKinley.

They think I’m dead.

One of their own, broken and left behind. Now I’m back.
A killer.

They don’t know it yet. Nothing can stop the storm inside me until I right the wrongs that were done.

I’ve returned to Chicago to destroy a vital arm of the Cosa Nostra and reclaim what’s rightfully mine.

Then I met her, my mentor’s granddaughter—Liliana Brambilla. The one I swore to protect.
Strong, but broken.

She is a pawn in her father’s bid for power, unable to leave until he sets her free. The only means of escape is trading one prison for another in the form of her father’s choice of husband. 

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book 2

The monster inside of me woke long ago, and lately, I can barely keep it leashed.

Rage simmers through my blood at the slightest threat to those I call mine.

And Sofia, despite how she resists me, will always be mine.

At nine, I swore a blood oath to protect her, and as heir to the throne of one of the most powerful Mafia families, my vow is unbreakable.

But there are complications. My presence in her life has put a target on her back.

I’ve tried to stay away, but nothing will keep me from her. Not an arranged marriage to someone else or the wall of secrets that looms between us.

Beautiful and headstrong, she defies me as danger increases and old enemies draw near.

They’re out for blood. But Sofia is worth starting a war over. And if they try to take her from me, I’ll destroy them all.

book 3

Destined to be king, Mafia underboss Stefano Rossi bides his time until the throne is his and he can claim the only woman he wants by his side. To show interest in her will place a deadly target on her back, but he can’t resist the forbidden Mafia Princess. In the shadows, they find each other, if only for a few stolen moments. Their relationship is full of risks and dangers, especially while his ruthless father lives. But he has a plan to change everything, and when they learn there’s a rat in the Chicago outfit, it’s time to act.

Emiliana Vitale fell in love with the one man off-limits to her years ago. Forced to keep their feelings for one another a secret, she craves so much more than their clandestine kisses. After clawing her way through hell and back from a vicious attack initiated by a rat within the Five Families, she has emerged changed, her darkness matching Stefano’s. She’s ready to unmask the traitor and take possession of the life she’s always wanted, one with the dangerously handsome Stefano, and she’s tired of waiting.

Her enemies are his, and when Emiliana’s life is threatened, Stefano takes matters into his own hands to ensure her safety. As they grow closer, so do their enemies. But he’s ready for them. Nothing will keep him from Emiliana, and he’ll slay anyone who threatens what’s his.

book 4

Chicago Mafia boss Marco La Rosa thought the only woman he’d ever loved had died years ago. But when her brother approaches him with an arranged marriage contract, he learns that she is very much alive and in danger. Bringing her back within the fold of the Five Families is a second chance he can’t pass up. The only problem is, he has to get to her before their enemies do.

On-the-run Mafia princess Elena Caruso cut all family ties to survive. She knows that the Bratva is on her tail and that someday they’ll find her. When she receives word that her cover’s blown, she attempts to flee. But it isn’t the Russians who get to her first. It’s the boy she’s been in love with for years, who’s now a dangerous and devastatingly handsome man—and she’s running from him too. 

As threats quickly close in, her only chance for survival is into the arms of the Mafia boss who once held her heart.

book 5

A Mafia crown to claim …

The crown had always been Luc Savino’s. He just didn’t know it until a Chicago Mafia boss persuades him to board a jet and assume his destiny. But he won’t go without Summer—a one-night stand, his new, secretive executive assistant and probable spy for the former CEO of his latest hostile takeover.

She can only run so far before they find her…

After a mob boss viciously attacks Summer Johansson in her apartment, she flees the state to hide. But when she learns of her best friend’s murder and finds herself in the arms of a handsome stranger, her troubles escalate as she’s dragged into the heart of the very world she’s running from.

Secrets have the power to destroy, but hers will bring them closer…

Summer isn’t telling him everything, but Luc finds her impossible to resist. As their trust in one another grows, Summer’s enemies close in. Despite all the lies between them, it’s the truth that could tear them apart.

book 6

The spark is real, but the timing’s wrong.

When Mafia surgeon, Trey La Rosa, met the one woman who could bring him to his knees, grief from his girlfriend’s recent death loomed between them. He forced himself to walk away. Months later, she’s been kidnapped—and he’ll do anything to save her.

Hailey Carmichael never expected the man she’s been crushing on to swoop in and rescue her, let alone that he’d claim her for himself. Now she’s hiding out in his home, and the connection they felt when they met is threatening to incinerate them both.

Fate has given them a second chance, but at what cost?

As Trey and Hailey follow the money trail behind her kidnapping, each clue unearths darker and more sinister threats. Trey has already lost his first love. He won’t lose Hailey too. He’ll do everything in his power to save her, even if it means the impossible—letting her go.

book 7

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