The Mafia Elite series is a romantic suspense filled with intriguing twists and meant to be read in order. All the strings left untied come together in the epic conclusion.

Mafia Elite Series

book 1

An action-packed mafia romance about secrets, arranged marriage, and redemption by USA Today bestselling author Amy McKinley.

I’ve come to destroy a vital arm of the Cosa Nostra, to reclaim what’s rightfully mine. I share their bloodline. They just don’t know it yet. In time, they will. 

My goals were clear: punish those who have wronged me while protecting Liliana Brambilla, my mentor’s granddaughter. Then everything changed when we came face-to-face, and I knew I would never walk away. She thinks I’m her enemy. The truth is, I’m her savior. 

book 2

Details coming soon for Blood Oath.

book 3

Details coming soon for Born in Darkness.