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No Way Out: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance by USA Today bestselling author Amy McKinley—an action-packed mafia romance about secrets, arranged marriage, and redemption.

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Max’s endgame is clear—take back what’s rightfully his and punish those who have wronged him.

Under the guise of assassin Matteo Trambino, Max infiltrates a vital arm of the Chicago Mafia to protect his Sicilian mentor’s granddaughter, Liliana, from her dangerous father. What should be easy changes when they come face-to-face, and he realizes he can never walk away. 

Born into one of the most powerful families in the Cosa Nostra, Liliana Brambilla is a pawn in her father’s bid for power, unable to leave until he sets her free. The only means of escape is trading one prison for another in the form of her father’s choice of husband. 

When her father assigns a new bodyguard, her trust is tentative. She thinks he’s her enemy. The truth is, Max is her savior.

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Twisted Secrets – on sale for a limited time!

Twisted Secrets, book 1 of the Deadly Isles Special Ops trilogy.

book 1

After her messy break-up, the last thing grad student Riley Evans expects is to meet someone new. Throw in a family history of bad relationships, the likelihood of the past repeating itself seems inevitable—especially after her ex turns stalker. She’s a magnet for disaster. But when a man walks into the Coffee Hut and asks her on a date, she isn’t prepared for the flare of desire. The pull of attraction is impossible to deny, and she gives love a second chance.

Navy SEAL Xander Hale lands in a Hawaii military hospital after a mission gone wrong. If that wasn’t bad enough, his girlfriend breaks up with him. Plagued by his current single status and suspicions over the mission’s bad intel, doubts fester about the direction of his life. Until he stops for coffee and encounters a barista that steals his breath and shifts his priorities from a presumed military career path to civilian.

When danger closes in after a suspicious home invasion, Xander whisks Riley to the safety of his family’s island. On secluded shores, he’s determined to keep her safe. But dark memories are triggered by her past and followed by a hidden threat that neither anticipated.