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They think I’m dead.

One of their own, broken and left behind. Now I’m back.



A killer.

They don’t know it yet. Nothing can stop the storm inside me until I right the wrongs that were done.

I’ve returned to Chicago to destroy a vital arm of the Cosa Nostra and reclaim what’s rightfully mine.

Then I met her, my mentor’s granddaughter—Liliana Brambilla. The one I swore to protect.



Strong, but broken.

She is a pawn in her father’s bid for power, unable to leave until he sets her free. The only means of escape is trading one prison for another in the form of her father’s choice of husband. 

He won’t give her to me, so I’ll take what’s mine and protect her body, mind, and soul. Then kill them all.

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An adrenaline-fueled romantic suspense.

Eye of the Storm (A Gray Ghost Novel, book 2)

Deep in the untamed wilderness of the notorious Darien Gap, a soldier wakes. Injured, he has no memory of who he is or why he is there until a beautiful woman tells him his name. But can he trust her?

When Mari Dias stumbles upon Chris Shaw in the jungle—a place many risk but few survive—she enlists his help to escape a country ruled by the very family who hunts her.

As Chris and Mari search for sanctuary out of the jungle, filters of his past return in slow increments. As they grow closer, so do their enemies. Can he battle the storm that threatens them all?

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