Pre-order Announcement – Shattered Melody

Shattered Melody,
a romantic suspense novella,
is available for

Previously published in the Tempting Fate anthology, Shattered Melody releases as a standalone novella on May 21st. Read for free with Kindle Unlimited or one click for $1.99.

Songwriter, Emma Dawson, is haunted by the tragic events of her fiancé’s death. She’s sure there was something she could’ve done to prevent the fatal accident. Terrified harm will befall anyone she’s close to; she keeps to herself in a remote mountain cabin. Until a severe snowstorm blankets the mountain and her handsome new neighbor, Reese Miller, knocks on her door. Unable to turn him away, she lets him into her home. For the first time in years, she takes a chance with trusting a stranger, and her heart. Will he help her reclaim her life, or be the downfall she wasn’t expecting?

*Shattered Melody is a standalone romantic suspense novella with no cliffhangers.


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